Franz Ferdinand is a punk rock band and we like them so much that we created this fan site just to discuss about their music and news. The name of the band is quite interesting and unusual and most wonder what that means, except maybe people who are good in history, especially European history of the twentieth century. Indeed Franz Ferdinand is the name of the Austrian archiduke whose assassination in the Balkans in 1914 sparked world war two. Now what does it have to do with punk rock music, this is a good question, and if you know the answer you are more than welcome to email it to us. Franz Ferdinand was one of the wealthiest man of Austria. He was the heir to the Empire of Austro-Hungary. He was very involved with the army as a general and high level controller. His murder triggered Austria to declare war to Serbia, which each ally of these countries participating. 90 years later who would have thought that the same name would be used to play music. At least they are not playing cards, but we hear that they do love to gamble with friends at parties, playing a game of Blackjack or Texas Holdem for moderate stakes.